A 80 after the mother of micro business trip

Hello, I would like to introduce myself: I am a 89 year old mother, married more than two years, and now has a lovely daughter, very attractive. I was a full-time housewife, but in the case of the opportunity to enter the micro business.


(with Bo Wen, has nothing to do with the masters of


below to talk about my a full-time wife after 80, is how to walk on the road of micro business.

at the beginning of 2012, when I just got married, my husband is younger than me, the two families in the condition is not very good, we did not have any savings when married, life is not so good before marriage. And soon after marriage I gave birth to my daughter, so that the original is not a better life more worrying. May have a friend will ask why married soon after the birth of a child, and I believe that as long as the men are aware of it!

gave birth to a child after resting at home for several months. I feel two people have been so certainly not, her husband’s salary is not very high, so I also hope to be able to do what at home, hope can be at home to earn money to subsidize the home. In the next time, I listen to a lot of what sitting at home can make money advertising, let me also lost some money, although not many, but for the US, but also very painful. So when time to 2013.

2013 I hope I don’t want to do that before, want to go to the real learning online marketing methods. So I told my friends that I want to learn the knowledge of online marketing, friends advised me to say that you have a child who also learn what to do, take good care of the children. But I do not know the situation, and finally, in my repeated persuasion, the friend said to me that the Lu Songsong blog, said how Lu Songsong is how cattle, how to be famous. Let me go take a look at Lu Songsong blog article, so I find the Lu Songsong blog, read some articles loose big brother, feel really good, I have been concerned about the loose brother blog, although more than a year has never commented on. But in the following time, I spent my free time to read the blog article of loose brother. Really let me benefit, let me learn a lot of knowledge about the network, let me a full-time housewife also grew up. Here are very grateful to Lu Songsong! So, with children, spare time to look at the loose brother blog, a year soon after, but this year I was not white, this year her daughter has grown up, will call Mom and Dad, but I also learned learning a lot of network knowledge.

in 2014, I got to know the tension of the tension blog, a very good friend, is in addition to the eldest brother of Lu Songsong to help me, thank you very much. In my conversation with him, I will be in the pine blog to see the article did not understand the content have asked him, he is also very patiently explained to

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