Small talk about how to do a good job of profiteering products customer service

do profiteering products, the most common headache is the problem of the transaction. The customer service is one of the very important, a lot of people over the pursuit of the beauty of the site, but did not attach importance to customer service. Do product site is a very important step, but look at the site directly under the orders of the few, many are bad in the customer service this link. I think to do a good customer service to do the following:

1 to clear thinking, do not give an irrelevant answer.

users are very hate this kind of people, obviously asked the effectiveness of the product, you give people the answer is the price. Irrelevant.

2 gives the customer a reassurance.

people’s problems to be sincere, to be sure. Don’t be hesitant. If you don’t believe in your product, can you expect others to trust your product?

3 to learn to listen to

In fact, the

and the first because it is almost, some do not lead to give an irrelevant answer. To wait for the customer to clear the problem and then proceed to deal with the problem.

4 attitude to warm

online trading is not like offline trading, you can always keep a happy mood to infect each other. But you can use some emoticons to narrow the distance with the customer. Remember, do not always use cold text to answer each other, an excellent customer service, whether in reality or on the network can give happiness to the user. This is also a small details of the transaction.

5 price

some people in customer Kanjia, holding a single transaction is a single idea of price. That’s what my friend met, and what did he do?. Instead of doubt: your product is not a problem ah, I said you will cut the price ah, the results did not clinch a deal. Can’t get is always the best. Price you can not retreat, because consumers generally have such a mentality, the more you can not buy, the more you want to get it.

6 active

sometimes the user hesitated for one or two minutes without answering the question, saying that the other party was in the middle of the matter and could not make up his mind. This time you have to take the initiative to dispel the concerns of each other.

7 database

is an excellent customer service is often used. This database is very simple to do, is to record the details of the purchase of the above, then call to ask customers to facilitate the two transaction. A phone to make a deal, is not save time and effort?

a good customer service can often play a multiplier effect, hope that we can draw a lot of experience.

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