Network marketing viewing audience psychology from the social platform

first statement I am a SEO, but this does not deny me to the network marketing interest, because the author is responsible for some of the micro-blog, Post Bar, blog, WeChat and other management, so a little talk to the public for some understanding.

, there is no doubt that no matter what the social platform, the negative news propagation speed is 10 times, 100 times the Yu Zheng energy, the ancients said, Good news goes on crutches, qiuckly, as a member of the Sina micro-blog army, every day is filled with environmental pollution, social injustice, star scandal the work is not smooth, negative information. In the establishment of product marketing reputation, often a small stain on a social platform will be infinitely enlarged, the formation of a fatal injury.

is followed by a peek, and I personally do not like this is the QQ space marketing, because there is no way to peek, you have seen someone who suddenly found the home page. From the marketing point of view, most people want to be able to find their own home page, and others can see their own home page can see. Privacy is a potential psychology of all the people. So most of the title of the party who write things with love in the title with the "magic", "exposure" and other words to attract people to click.

third is a word that is now very fire, "the crowd", in some ways, he is the essence of network marketing, a crowd of people, you have to click, you have the flow, in this forum and Post Bar often can see, most of the crowd will be in the "Liu Ming Poker" after the silence, but this does not hinder the attention you are concerned. And the crowd is basically some of the information and the public has nothing to do, so even if it does not deliberately operate, but also to achieve a certain influence.

fourth point is his uniqueness, which is to do every day to meet the troubles of micro-blog. Fans of the increase and decrease, increase and this is actually a webmaster every day to face the site PV and UV and reduce troubles, it is an expansion of pride, for an industry website and enterprise micro-blog, actually every day several IP or more than a few fans, basic no big difference. Only that, uh, today more than a few people on my website or micro-blog attention only, but we decided our self-esteem, every little a few IP and fans will be sad, more than a few IP and fans, the lunch to eat what is sweet.

fifth points, is now very popular, also show off. Most of these people are in real life or the life unpleasant, difficult people, their love in various forums, Post Bar, micro-blog, WeChat on the show, sometimes dazzle yourself and went to play (a considerable part of tourism website Writers), sometimes dazzle their bags, perfumes, clothes how the big (small cosmetics website writers and shopping website promotion personnel), numerous, want to through the network to worship eyes in real life to make up for the vacancy.

sixth, is also an action I like to do

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