nventory of five events in 2012 network marketing planning classic case

2012 is destined to be an extraordinary year, across the doomsday prophecy, ushered in the new. Has gone far in 2012 left a lot of classic memories, in the network marketing has also emerged a number of classic cases:

: a case not to the end is killing would not be "Thailand embarrassed"


" Thai people embarrassed this movie in the way how embarrassed not to do the evaluation, but the fact is that this movie is not an ordinary fire, created more than one billion box office miracle, known as the Chinese film. Good movies are mostly marketing. "Embarrassed" in Thai release before the end of the world, "the classic advertisement and die rather than killing" in the network by way of crazy viral spread, coupled with the film starring Xu Zheng, Baoqiang Wang and Huang Bo of the word-of-mouth marketing combination and three comedy film. "Doomsday" embarrassed Thai marketing and viral marketing success, creating a Chinese film box office myth.

case two: "grass root" video makes SKYCC industry "handsome"

simple, rough picture of the red circle "by stationmaster network marketing burst a video see crying 10 thousand video" stationmaster "leads to a IT grass root confession". "Itself is full of" grass root "means, this is a video released in just three days, the first platform Youku watch the number as high as 300 thousand, SKYCC combination marketing software pocketed popularity. Confessions of a video by IT Diao grass root webmaster, about IT entrepreneurs and grassroots webmaster of the hardships of life and the confusion about the future, let the same IT entrepreneurs and webmasters friends have deep feeling, and even some friends moved to tears. It is precisely because this video captures the user’s heart is the weakest place, so many people crazy forwarding and attention to this video. This news in the video advertising, video friends not to give attention to particular attention, but inadvertently remember this is called SKYCC combination marketing software products. Coupled with some of the official hype and unknown users to join the network, SKYCC’s Baidu index soared, making enough popularity.

case three: Yuan Fang see fire "detective Di Renjie"

"Yuan Fang, how do you see?" the network language become fashionable for a time in each big forum, in 2012 near the end of the moment, all kinds of Fang Yuan is spoof. This sentence in the network spread a high degree of language, from the CCTV hit TV series "detective Di Renjie", the mode of transmission of the virus in various forums, the SNS community quickly let users eager to know the source of this sentence, so remember a man named Li Yuanfang, remember the "detective Di Renjie" TV play. CCTV program authority "focus" to check 2012 popular network language form again "Fang Yuan" is regarded as a classic and popular network language, so far, Yuan Fang fire, "detective Dee" also fire.

case four: electricity supplier boss micro-blog play War Within Three Kingdoms

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