Why were talking about marketing teach you to achieve brand marketing by tribal interests

2014, Tencent launched a mobile phone QQ [] interest in tribal tribal interests, public interest is the theme interactive community based on interest and QQ group inside the "tribal interest label" to achieve interaction, mobile phone QQ users can achieve in the topic of tribal interest in the publication of discussion, also can add interest to the QQ group online chat; while users can also come out from the private QQ group, join the public interest in the tribe, expand social boundaries.


interest tribe coverage

tribal interests combined with the forum, topics, circles, QQ group, and other four advantages, the tribe is divided into chiefs (star), Daren, irons. The chief topic can have Master in Jiajing, the user can enter their own tribal love issues and praise, evaluation, forwarding and other functions. Interest tribal theme, a wide range of interests. At present, the interest of the tribe to establish a game, emotion, city, interest, sports, stars, animation, etc.. In many classification, can cover 70, 80, 90, 00 after the age of emotional tribal flirt with


tribe name selection

choose an attractive tribal name is half the success, if it is not recommended that the stars do not use names, names can be used in the name of the Emirates, not the brand is also the case. The name of the user’s attention is always pleasant, fresh names, such as the now popular grass root, the word, but also to take into account the new concern. Only the user’s attention to the new words to achieve high user traffic problems.

business personal brand marketing


personal brand name is to use personal interest in tribal marketing, mainly on the individual grassroots webmaster, experts, individual shops, some want to rely on the individual on the network marketing business, no matter what kind of occupation, the initial purpose is to create a well-known brand of personal speculation, the tribe, in the application before the tribe, the need to consider is the promotion after the products must be associated with your tribe, so as to better meet the user’s preferences, if you promote the products in your interest in the tribe has nothing to do, so users see it no longer pay attention to your tribe. After the application stores or individual, do not send advertising, the best way is to grow in the growth of tribal tribes, but also in the promotion of your personal brand. Users reached more than one hundred thousand of your related group also, with the popularity but also can realize the product marketing, in their own tribe also themselves can also join the related tribes, and promote personal brand in the tribe, if required can also apply to other chief or Chieftain to push each other, so better.

small business enterprise brand marketing

business enterprise brand marketing, in your marketing at the same time also have to consider your personal brand marketing, to achieve >

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