Network marketing how to learn ‘hype’

‘hype’ for the long-term discussion of the network is not unfamiliar to the webmaster, most users are more sensitive to speculation. One thing, a person, a song by the name of abusive or sought after all quickly became popular on the internet. Unlined upper garment on the network platform, a wide range of information is maximized in every corner of the world, directly facing the global Internet users. This is the power of hype, whether users are abusive or sought after, speculators have achieved the goal, that is to let more people know this thing, this person or a commodity, rather than spend large sums of money to advertise more strong, so also appeared in what is now called the scene after speculation planning team. However, we do not have enough money for the owners of the professional team behind the hype planning team, then we should learn how to hype. Hype their website, hype their goods.

1 hype to start from their own

2 hype is’ shameless’

3 hype to seize the curiosity of Internet users

carefully recalled in recent years after walking on the network, without exception, are starting from their own, first of all, from their own hands will not infringe upon others, no reaction will not bring any loss of speculation. So starting from their own is the cheapest. But you have to start from their own ruthless enough to be creative, or speculation is speculation. As for how a ruthless how creative, I think this is the need to play your own talent. Speculation is shameless, it sounds less reliable, but the fact is that, if you have to take into account the Netizens feel and bear ability, that this speculation can not get any response necessary. Shrewd speculation is to let the net to waver, interactive communication between Internet users, this will obtain information by any corner of the maximum diffusion to the network effect. "Shoushou" seems like a shameless type of speculation, with a "shameless" way are known, this speculation is successful, "Shoushou" actress still attend the show, looks like the exit price also increases, we all know her, high commercial value. She just did what the world would do. Speculation will seize the curiosity of users, this is a must. Users will go to concern because of curiosity, will generate traffic, how to seize the users of curiosity, not to their own curiosity to planning research and analysis of users’ psychology must be through other speculation success, let users love to hate is the highest realm of speculation.

basic facts about speculation

1 for the Chinese Internet, it is not speculation, speculation is absolute.

2 a successful speculation is bound to bring unlimited business interests and value

3 go your own way, let others talk, but be sure to let others talk.

the basic principles of speculation

1 positive hype is better than negative speculation.

2 negative speculation

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