Tourism website brand building fry as auxiliary service is king

what is the brand? The definition of general sense: a brand is a name, term, symbol or design, or combination of them, the brand is a kind of image recognition, formed by these elements and a series of marketing activities and show the results of feeling, quality awareness, and through these and performance the overall customer loyalty, it belongs to a kind of intangible assets, is the main business or brand holographic concentration, the sum of all intangible assets can be said that the brand is not a product, but more often depending on the product.

as a tourist site, how to build their own brand


one, has its own unique memory symbol

said the symbol here, can be your business name, but more than the name of the enterprise.

look at a joke:

a student over the wall into the school was the headmaster caught.


: why not go from school?

student: Metersbonwe, do not take the unusual way.


: how do you turn over such a high wall?

student pointed to the pants: Lining, anything is possible.


: the wall is what feeling?

students point to shoes: XTEP, flying in general feeling.

second days students came from the school gate

President: why not come over the wall.

student: Anta, I choose, I like.

third day students wear Bludger outfit to school

President: you can’t wear Bludger outfit.

student: what to wear, Mori Ma.

fourth days students wear a vest to go to school.

President: you can’t wear a vest to go to school.

student: the man is simple and good, love the dress.

President: I want to remember you big.

student: why.

President: the dynamic zone, my site to listen to me.

this is called the jokes, is not the word have more humor, but its ingeniously each brand publicity language expressions in the scene, let people read at the same time will not consciously, and to achieve a Kuso on brand effect. And the reason why this effect can be achieved, is that these popular advertising language.

In contrast,

tourism website, in addition to the occasional "process, understand tourism", what can you think of? Even expanded to the Internet, in addition to "use Baidu Search, You’ll see., Sohu, known to the world", what can you expect? The Internet as a powerful channels to push the brand, and we as facilitator of Internet enterprise is such a situation, people can not help but sigh, this is not only the lack of tourism website >

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