Cheetah CEO Fu Sheng how to do poineering company CEO

[Abstract] entrepreneurial success, not because he is more clever, but because he can continue to change themselves, with this era closely linked, every step is accurate.


technology news (Liang Chen) July 20th, cheetah CEO Fu Sheng (micro-blog) recently in a public event, discusses how to be a startup CEO topic.

started in 2009, in 2014 the cheetah moves listed on the NYSE, Fu Sheng led the company from a few small team to now more than 1000 people, and set up an overseas office. At present, its participation in the start of a named Fu clan entrepreneurial incubation platform, the purpose is to help young entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs to provide a full range of entrepreneurial services.

said that if you do it again, "I think I might not do it.". Because it’s too hard, "Fu Sheng said." it’s hard to come by, and it’s far more controllable than your own".

A review of the

from the Qihoo 360 just left, Fu Sheng believes that the biggest difficulty of entrepreneurship is too free, and easy to lose direction. However, when given a fixed problem, or closed, interval problems, the difficulty will be greatly reduced.

as to how to do a start-up company’s CEO, Fu Sheng’s answer is to be able to become entrepreneurial feelings into specific issues, and the more specific the problem the better."

when it comes to the development of Jinshan, Fu Sheng said Lei Jun (micro-blog) had several discussions. The problem lies in the golden hill to see what is the opportunity to do, "a large number of resources consumed in different fronts".

Fu Sheng concluded that entrepreneurship, like to do a math problem.

first, clear your goals and then do it right away. Repeated on a closed problem, back and forth. Once you have the ability, entrepreneurship becomes simple.


is the hardest thing to do. The process by which you want to understand a problem, and the execution begins to become simple, rather than a state that is strongly dependent on the execution.

third, the target should be simple, focused, and validated.

not only that, Fu Sheng also said that the entrepreneurial company should be in a small run way to use; scout mode, trial and error to find the target. In his view, the core of the Scouts is to gain experience value, establish a sense of the world.

therefore, as an entrepreneur should, in their thinking, be able to open into a closed problem; in the process, constantly changing their reconstruction according to the world; the general direction, grasp the specific opportunities, then go.

Fu Sheng said that entrepreneurial success, not because he was smart, but because he was able to constantly change their own, closely linked with this era, every step is accurate.

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