Share a way you can get the flow

today to share with you a marketing promotion skills, can also be said to be a marketing approach. People who know can skip this, this method is e-books. We mentioned that the e-book is as high as the ah, in fact, with the advent of the Internet era, we can all make their own e-book. E-book is the unity of the content of the theme, but his content is relatively large. E-book content can be TXT, PDF, CHM and so on format. Do not know what kind of format you see, I see the most is pdf format. I personally think that e-books are a very good marketing methods.

e-book is a better way than the soft marketing, why do you say so? We can from the following points to analyze:

1 internal capacity and large amount of information

a soft Wen is up to 3000 words, no one else will see. E-books are not the same, you want to think about a 10M e-book content.

for example if we search for a subject or content from the Internet, such as oral care, there is a soft text is about how daily oral care, the other one is the e-book is about to tell you how a lifetime of oral care, oral care and teach your family including the children of men and women, how would you choose? I think most of us would choose an encyclopedia of e-books, after all much trouble do not always go online to search.

2 can carry large ad

a soft Wen die is also mentioned in the article several times your name, the name of the site or product name. But the book is not the same as you think about the contents of the electronic so large, even if you are doing a book only 20 chapters where you can place ads more than soft.

from the cover, header, footer, watermark, the content of the article, book ending, e-book case, pictures can be inserted into your soft advertising. But also not annoying, because we do not have to mention the contents of your name is always a person to see is advertising.

3 lasting effect

a soft effect is how long, one month, two months, three months, or three months is the limit of it, of course, does not rule out some very well written is very useful for people, can last for about a year, but the e-book effect can last how long. I think as long as you do not have the knowledge behind the e-book, then it has been playing the effect.

4 direct effect

a soft article after we can see how long to stay in my mind, I am afraid it is not a long time. After reading the product mentioned in the article is the most likely to be a little bit better after the may forget. But e-books are not the same, e-books can enhance the reader’s impression of you for a long time, and this impression is likely to rise to trust. After all, you give the reader something to offer

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