When WeChat marketing left the public number whether the trend will go

WeChat marketing, is now the mainstream of network marketing. Many companies are in the WeChat channel to promote their products. WeChat marketing, whether it is an individual or business, we are in the WeChat marketing application is the largest number of public. The public, like the core soul of WeChat, when WeChat left the public, WeChat is like a dying fish, tasteless.

public number is the number of public enterprises and individuals from the media platform. At the same time with marketing, customer management, interactive communication, as well as brand building in one function. WeChat public number is slowly and the traditional industry, intelligent hardware devices to access WeChat public, WeChat public, myriad dotes on, like the day before the popular WeChat photo printer, WeChat small ticket printing, WeChat WiFi. However, we imagine that there is no public platform to join WeChat, you will find WeChat fun? Can you think WeChat is able to make marketing easier?

WeChat public number from the media construction

Tencent has increased publicity for the WeChat public number, it is because the public number is the core of the construction of WeChat object. WeChat public account is now not only opened a WeChat advertiser, the main flow function. Let the spider network between the platform to promote mutual benefit. And WeChat has now started the enterprise number, in the mobile OA, CRM played a great role in promoting the hospital, enterprises, institutions and other real mobile office, will mean that the office is not based on the PC. WeChat public number is undoubtedly a shortcut from the media platform to build. Now the Ministry of industry to increase the construction of WeChat and micro-blog, will give birth to more from the media.

self media marketing effect, comparable to the traditional media effect. Is also the only way to build brand influence. 90 Ma Jiajia from media marketing, marks from the media era; self media marketing is a big trend. WeChat from the media, the public number is certainly not. Compared to micro-blog, WeChat more accurate positioning of the user, and the arrival rate is one hundred percent. So, do WeChat marketing, no public numbers, from the media to build up is quite difficult. And simple micro signal, friends can only have 5000 of the bottom line, and WeChat public number is no limit. No public number, do you think that since the media construction is not

can’t do anything?

WeChat WeChat public number

WeChat marketing, in the circle of friends is also a wave of Xuan xuan. I do not know if there is a serious attempt to friends online WeChat marketing, such as the nearby people, shake, drift bottles, etc.. I can be described as a try, but the effect is worrying ah. It’s not about guns. High quality fan less and less, and no millionaire said? The WeChat marketing approach, is not conducive to the spread of products, and friends will be on the tension. So I think, no matter you are in what way, the public numbers do WeChat marketing is your best choice.

public number is not only in the language

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