The pretext of hot events attracted a large number of flow of major media coverage

Spring Festival this year is really an extraordinary Spring Festival, my site Geely Taobao shopping network from November 2010 since the establishment of the day, a pitiful more than and 20 IP traffic, can have what income? Do Links with others, others see you only PR 0, always say after further cooperation it means that who you piss off?.

when I was almost completely lost confidence, in the end, the year of the rabbit is coming, the 2011 spring festival evening show opening, Cai Ming’s essay "new house" fame, of course, as a lack of experience of the novice webmaster, I haven’t had a keen sense of smell can seize this opportunity and I will put this sketch of Geely Taobao shopping guide network link, just around the hair outside the chain, do BBS signature to attract traffic, little effect.

in the past few days, I happened to pass network with Lianyungang city station (here to help him to propagandize) talk to the spring pieces "new houses", so went to the Baidu Spring Festival evening it issued an article entitled "2011 spring festival gala rabbit couples dress, to share with you a lovely show" post. The post is very short, in a word and a few pieces of scene photos, along with the Taobao shopping network. Geely and Taobao purchased address, I was pleasantly surprised to be so attracted a lot of traffic, I site Taobao Geely shopping network flows rapidly from day more than and 20 to day hundreds of IP quickly. IP, and now the traffic is increasing, the amount of the purchase address browsing Taobao crazy promotion, from the views of some 10 crazy to write down this article 1950, presumably the shops because I do not want to sell this promotion and less.

did not think of is not only Geely Taobao shopping guide network flow up, online shopping event this post also triggered a fire, even large network media were alarmed, many media reported in the online shopping event, is leading to the hot network continues to heat up.

through the online shopping process hype events and achievements, from the experience gained is whether the type of website, novice webmaster should seize the good network hot events, according to the characteristics of the site targeted publicity. For example, engage in video sites, it is necessary to focus on the popular social events of the video more effort, but the door of the video even if the illegal can not engage in. Other types of websites also have different propaganda, or that sentence, learn more, see more articles, do not abandon, do not give up, adhere to is victory.

by Geely Taobao shopping network feeds.

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