Analysis of the success of the network marketing case VANCL fashion clothes

VANCL is a fashion brand VANCL home this time more prominent, it appears on the market China time compared to the much later than other brands, for fashion marketing is concerned, want to grab a space for one person in a new market, even if a large number of marketing investment, it may not be entirely achievable goal. Compared to the VANCL VANCL marketing strategy, it should be said that they really understand the market, what they do, need to fully comply with the essential elements of market entry and development marketing.

experiential marketing and integrated marketing VANCL Eslite these links. Can be made to the VANCL where the strategy of in-depth insight.

a, network virus marketing

the Internet is the most important channel for consumers to learn, in the new brand and new products, the importance of the Internet for the first time in front of TV ads.

VANCL the Eslite advertising alliance, advertising across large and small sites, because the trial strategy, advertising click rate is relatively high, because of the large area of network marketing, the marketing cost is relatively lower, and the marketing effect and scale better than traditional media.

two, experience marketing

a good brand experience (or a bad brand experience) is more powerful than a positive or negative brand image. VANCL Eslite adopts the "VANCL trial cheerleaders", the new product BRA free, BRA tried to write experience the charm of strategy, users only need to fill out the real information and mailing address, you can get a trial installation. When consumers tried VANCL VANCL product, then this evaluation, and other potential consumers, generally exchanges are positive (with very poor estimated brand trial is hit off).

three, word of mouth marketing

consumer recommendations or recommendations to potential consumers, can often lead to potential consumer purchase decisions. The overwhelming advertising campaign, the media has gradually been unfair public relations, has been to allow consumers to traditional media advertising trust decline, word of mouth is often the most powerful consumer marketing strategy.

four, membership system

similar to the Bertelsmann book club model, ordering VANCL Eslite goods at the same time becomes VANCL automatic VANCL does not need to pay any membership, membership fee and annual fee. VANCL Eslite members also receive a DM magazine, become a link between the transmission of information and two-way communication between the VANCL and a member of vancl. With a membership of VANCL is greatly improved VANCL consumers a sense of belonging, to narrow the distance with consumers VANCL VANCL.

from the above analysis, the Internet has three aspects:

VANCaL the largest Eslite promotion

A, reduced marketing

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