Embarrassed! 11 days after the end of the tenth buyers are busy return

[Abstract] last year, double 11, Tmall return rate of 25%, some merchants return rate is as high as more than 40%.


central broadcasting network Beijing November 21st news, according to voice of China peak evening news reports, today, just 10 minutes away from the past two days, we have to buy the baby is almost the same as the receipt of the 11. However, to get the baby, it is a few happy tears. Just then, another climax came back.

friends Tucao: "at that time, grab the goods get hand cramps, now return to pull the cool heart." That is why ah, the reason is also varied: the effect of wearing a model is not the same ah; buy to find no use at all; cheap is not good goods.

statistics show that last year’s double eleven Tmall return rate of up to 25%, some businesses return rate is as high as more than 40%. In this year’s turnover of more than half of last year’s premise, the rate of return is also expected to be higher. At the same time, there is a reason for this year’s increase in the amount of return, that is, the newly revised consumer protection law, which provides online shopping 7 days no reason to return".

"double 11" busy shopping spree, now busy to return. This has become a true portrayal of many friends in the last week. Did you shoot, too,