Loud pat to create momentum of Taobao

Xu Lei, senior vice president of Jingdong

said yesterday, pat the new home will be on the line in June, adding to the Jingdong’s 618 promotions.

Jingdong has also confirmed that the original intime network CEO Lin Chen joined pat as vice president of operations.

for a time, the news about the pat reloaded. So, after the switch from Tencent to Jingdong, the current situation and future ideas how it is as follows:

on the 1 main C2C, Kui Ying Chun, President of.


is in the form of an independent subsidiary of Jingdong in the mall operate independently by the Jingdong general manager of the mall open business platform Kui Ying Chun, President of the pat Network, fully responsible for the pat Network strategic planning, operations and business development.

Liu Qiangdong I am also very concerned about the development of pat Network, said in an internal meeting, Jingdong will be a lot of money to support the future of pat Network to support its growth, and strive to quickly flourish from the ecological pat.

pat business direction is C2C, according to insiders, Jingdong, Jingdong to pat the task is:

users from the Jingdong shall be extended to include large urban white-collar workers and college students in the four or five line of the city home users, while the introduction of a large number of long tail characteristics of goods, agricultural products, fresh and overseas purchase of goods and other rich product categories, in order to enrich the Jingdong business ecology.

2 pat operation strategy has several:

first, the main genuine and fast logistics.

Jingdong believes that the current C2C ecological (say Taobao) are fake, excessive competition, logistics is not reliable and other issues, the Jingdong saw an opportunity, pat hopes to replicate Jingdong in the field of C2C mall "authentic" and "logistics" strategy.

Kui Ying Chun said the fake is not touch the red line to pat network.

two is to establish a more scientific business flow distribution system.

this strategy is also for Taobao’s current problems, Jingdong said it would establish a more transparent flow distribution system, to avoid the amount of weight to bring the search to enhance the search.

According to the official version of

, investment rules and preferential subsidy programs are being developed in the pat Network merchant, is expected to begin large-scale investment in the end of June.

three is the focus of force second-hand auction.

Jingdong believes that China’s economy has gradually entered the era of excess production capacity, but the saturation of consumption, the secondary trading will continue to flourish in Europe and the United States and japan. Pat to do second-hand auction has a natural advantage:

first, from the accumulation of the brand, the name and consumer awareness are connected with the auction auction;

secondly, Jingdong strong self built logistics will help the two sides to solve the auction sale of goods in the verification problem;

third, Jingdong’s financial set