Shop No 1 drugs to the merchant to return to pay the return rate

news July 21st, received food and drug administration to stop in the third party Internet drugs online retail platform pilot work notice after more than a month, noting billion state power network, one of the three domestic A card pilot platform — Medicine Museum Shop No. 1 has stopped online drug transaction to category, cash on delivery transactions.

It is reported that

, shop No. 1 medical museum there is still a daily medication, Chinese traditional medicine and Western medicine, conditioning drugs, health care equipment, traditional tonic, Adult supplies and many other categories, but drug products are no longer available for online purchase (including OTC and prescription drugs). Although the products are also online display, but if consumers want to buy, only online submission requirements, by the corresponding business pharmacists to provide consulting services.



1 shop official description of the drug booking process is: the need to be scheduled – pharmacist callback – offline payment – from mentioning / pharmacy distribution. Some businesses have in store product details page dedicated to hang out new orders after the adjustment process.

, however, the two other domestic A card pilot platform Tmall medicine, eight hundred party drug sales so far there is no significant adjustment. In the same paragraph belongs to OTC Huiren Shenbao as an example, Tmall, the eight hundred party can normally buy online, and 1 stores can only submit a demand of consultant pharmacists through the line, the final settlement.

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Shop No. 1 in the pharmaceutical electricity supplier industry market share is not high, but the change of settlement and business caused some impact: on the one hand, the user experience is affected by the receipt (for example, before wrapping the property sign on behalf of the user and now need to sign my payment); more important is that the user’s refusal rate / return rate also increased, because there is no advance payment, consumers receive the goods after denied the chance than online payment after the high rejection rate.

has refused to return is a problem of pharmaceutical electricity suppliers. "Refused (consumers) a lot more, returned to the drug storage, is a big problem. Directly scrapped it, will be a lot of losses, re storage it, but also in violation of GSP (referring to the "drug quality management standards") on the edge." A pharmaceutical electricity supplier responsible person said.

According to

billion state power network to understand, according to the provisions of article 177th of the new version of GSP, in addition to drug quality reasons, the drug once sold, shall not be returned." Therefore, "no return" has always been the pharmaceutical retail industry default rules. But the norm in the pharmaceutical business field is not so good, especially in the cash on delivery settlement case. One merchant said, cash on delivery to a certain extent, so that businesses in the passive position: the goods sent out, if consumers refused, refused to pay, eventually the loss of their own.

After the return of

drugs, pharmaceutical electricity providers how to deal with? According to the "drug retail chain enterprise GSP certification inspection and evaluation criteria" requirements, >