Beer consumption preference innovation network network to meet P personalized market Nuggets music

domestic beer consumption market is undergoing a round of reform along with the escalation of consumption preference, and the birth of the diversified and personalized consumer demand getting heat from a set of data, in 2015 China’s beer consumption market is also clear the conduction of some information and trends.

since last year, with COFCO Zhuang Hui, music as its ecological network network as the representative of several major wine companies have accelerated Lazi imported beer layout, and small imported beer consumption main experience across the museum also blossom everywhere. New market expansion led to a large influx of capital and businesses, or will open a new situation in the domestic beer market competition.

personalized consumer demand higher wine imported beer overweight layout

data show that in the year 2015, the domestic beer production of 4715.7 million liters, down 5.1% over the same period last year, total beer consumption of 4743 liters, down 4.7% over last year, coupled with the negative growth in the second half of 2014, domestic beer production and sales of consecutive negative growth of 18 months long. In contrast, imported beer for 4 consecutive years was explosive growth: in 2015 China imported beer 53.8 million liters, an increase of 59.2%, the number of importing countries and regions from 33 to 66, more than doubled over the previous year.

while mainstream beer market continued sluggish trend, while the other side is the rise of imported beer. In this regard, deputy secretary general China Wine Association Beer Branch Secretary He Yong, said: at the present stage of China’s beer product structure is single and overall beer consumption demand tends to saturation is the internal cause, and structural changes in beer consumption market is mainly manifested in the growth factors, differentiation and diversification of consumer demand, the consumption of beer products to reduce viscosity.

with 80 after 90 to become the core consumer groups, their income increase, enhance the quality of awareness, beer consumption has entered the quality sensitive period from the price sensitive period. Changes in the consumption structure of the beer market has quietly led to the emergence of several major domestic wine merchants in the beer market in the staking.

, COFCO Chateau Hui officially announced to the king, the world crown Rand Berg the two well-known German beer brand leading brand officially imported beer market force matrix China, trying to take advantage of big beer platform strength, to prove safety of imported beer first operators.

music as its ecological network network is based on the layout of the world Wine, beer, and strive to create competitive differentiation kernel. At the beginning of a mesh network with the German Aishibao winery strategic cooperation, and jointly LETV sports strong IP value based on the focus on the development of "ecological +" products. Sports ecology IP derivatives (Gloryt) is expected to grut homogenization of competition in the market at.

it is understood that the two sides will jointly funded the first operation of the first set of domestic sports interactive, beer experience as one of the ecological sports bar Lebar, open up new sports and beer consumption scene. The move is intended to be bundled with music as a sports IP billion consumer market behind the Nuggets ecological value. < >

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