Maternal and child products in the field of science and technology how to do marketing You need to p

for a woman to pick clothes is not an easy thing, but as a physical condition every day clothes change in pregnant women is even more difficult. It’s a very challenging thing to be a mother and child product. The new dad, new mothers are busy every day to take care of the children, to persuade them to buy your smart devices is not easy.

recently, Re/code author Katherine Boehret a series of maternal and child products in the United States conducted a survey, draw some experience in the field of marketing, to share with you:

parents are willing to buy big brands, high priced products in order to rest assured that

just when the parents who spend money on them is unambiguous. They are willing to spend more money to ensure the safety of their products, they can be more assured. Now some companies in the market to seize this point, with higher prices to provide more high-end products and services.

, of course, also have to adapt to this trend and the emergence of the site, such as weeSpring. This is a review of maternal and child products website, parents can score on the site for maternal and child products, to make recommendations for others. WeeSpring founder and CEO Allyson Downey, said: "parents want to give their children the best, regardless of how much money to spend. They have a deep sense of unease and worry about what they will do, so sometimes they use money to make up for the uncertainty." The purpose of the Downey website is to make people who are just parents can find the products they really love through the reviews of different products without having to feel guilty about using cheap goods.


user loyalty to the product is reflected in the word of mouth effect, rather than repeat the purchase of

baby is growing very fast, every day there are new changes, so the time for the technology company is not much. In the field of maternal and infant products, the value of word-of-mouth is much larger than traditional advertising.

4moms is a company that produces smart baby products. 4moms, vice president of marketing for Teresa Hammond said: "our best form of advertising is a line of mothers, they know a lot, and is willing to share experience with other mothers."


4moms launched this Breeze is very good, easy to use, but the price is relatively high.

want to get a good reputation, excellent product is the first. I have tried 4moms competitors products, although a lot cheaper, but the experience is really not comparable. 4moms’s crib, although the price is as high as $300, but it is great, and I would like to share this product with other friends just to be a mother.

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