ndia’s largest office supplies electricity supplier Zoffio was acquired by Chinese companies

this week, India’s largest online office supplies supply electricity supplier Zoffio.com announced that it has been acquired by a Chinese company, the amount of the acquisition has not been disclosed.


according to a spokesman for the company said, Zoffio started to suspend operations from April this year, he also revealed that this Chinese company from Shenzhen, is expected in the next year to a year and a half time to enter the India market, but for commercial confidentiality reasons, the spokesman did not name the specific information Chinese company, only the China hint that the company’s business model is very similar to Zoffio.com.

Zoffio was founded in May 2013, is a vertical B2B e-commerce platform, providing stationery, paper products, office equipment, digital products, mainly for large enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises (such as printers and notebook computer), travel supplies, office supplies and gifts and other services, the current scope of business covers Bangalore, Delhi, and Mumbai city.

according to the company’s two founders Abhishek Kamani and Bobby Kamani revealed in February this year, they have decided to stop business, and in April completely closed all services, the company a total of about 200 full-time employees affected by the transactions need to take part of the union members have three months of severance period.

is reported that, thanks to the acquisition, Zoffio plans to expand business operations. 2013, Zoffio’s net income reached 30 million rupees in India, in 2014, up to the size of the India rupee, and in the year of 2015, this figure is to reach the level of more than 330 million rupees in India. According to the company at the end of last year, according to data released, Zoffio office supplies business platform more than 15 thousand orders in trading volume in Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai three per month, the average transaction amount of orders in 1500-45000 India rs.

now, the rapid growth of online office supplies services industry in India, many start-ups have attracted the attention of venture capital companies. For example, the office of the product trading platform Indiamart at the beginning of the acquisition of an angel investment; office electronics supply start-up company WeAreGadgets has been DealBerg talent acquisition".

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