Taobao plans to store classified enterprise shop for more support

April 23rd message, it is understood that the day before the 2015 Taobao business conference, Vice President Ali for Britain to businesses revealed that this year Taobao plans to store classified, divided into individual shops and businesses, the project is currently planning.

figure for Taobao personal store announcement information

line, said the company will have more support for the store, including the design of the product vision, channels, logos, etc., and the individual shop to upgrade to the new needs of the enterprise shop certification.

in addition, in the operation of the store level, the future will be the main push two types of shops: one is the general store, the second category is gold sellers. For gold sellers, Taobao aspects will be on the quality, quality requirements on the operation. In addition, Britain said the traditional diamond crown will be retained.

it is reported that after the classification, Taobao will launch a very severe punishment measures, the right to drop from the commodity, the right to drop the store, the shop has been closed.

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