Jingdong mobile QQ entrance in August 8th to open the future to increase the sharing function

July 21st, Jingdong announced a mobile QQ shopping portal will be on the line in August 8th, while the future will also add a sharing feature: users can share goods and shopping evaluation platform to QQ space.

specific information includes:

1 Jingdong had been in the mobile phone QQ wallet opened two entrance, and will launch an entrance in August 8th, in the position of mobile phone QQ dynamic menu, in parallel with the QQ space, the game, idle away in seeking pleasure.

2 similar to WeChat shopping portal, mobile QQ entrance is divided into three channels:

super cost-effective: the main push to buy, cost-effective goods to early night markets and other operations;

playing big: to brand first, to meet the needs of the quality of consumer demand, to create the theme of packaging reputation;


channel was wandering the streets: personality Taohuo family and feel free to browse the user to create, the main push for pre-sale, first, new star, cooperation, membership privileges, seasonal activities and other forms hot commodity.

3 Jingdong mobile QQ entrance will also launch a special welfare QQ members, and mobile QQ community formation linkage.

at the same time, Jingdong follow-up will also be optimized for the mobile phone QQ entrance, add goods sharing and shopping evaluation functions.

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