Shopping search for Baidu also push shopping search

hang out online today to see a simple but very valuable post, "Baidu shopping search included open address, click on the link, you can see Baidu shopping search pages.

search engine to do shopping search, Baidu is certainly not the first, in the last year, Google has released a shopping search, the address is I do not have to say it, I believe many of my friends have experienced it. A lot of features are very good, including commodity reference, product reviews, comments, such as semantic ratings, shopping search on X. Baidu is still behind Google’s ass.. And I guess Baidu shopping search page will be, because click on this link shows Baidu forbidden page, click on the link and general Baidu does not exist page shows Baidu error page.

below is a simple description of Baidu shopping search, as Baidu push shopping search ambitions tomorrow analysis.

Baidu shopping search instructions

in Baidu, every day there are a large number of users, search for different categories of commodity information. In order to get through the direct path between the user and the shopping mall and the quality of the site, we launched a special Baidu merchandise search, designed to maximize the user to guide to protect the quality of the seller.

joined Baidu product search, merchandise page and commodity index page website, will be integrated in the middle page search goods, at the same time when the user queries the corresponding goods, will also appear in Baidu search results page.

due to the commodity search is currently in trial operation stage, so only accept the invitation site data, also please do not accept the invitation to the site. Currently there are 17 high-quality e-commerce sites have joined or are joining Baidu shopping search, including Jingdong mall, excellence, Dangdang, etc..

benefits of adding Baidu shopping search

1, showing a clear position in the Baidu search results page and the middle pages of goods, buyers face, greatly enhance the opportunity to sell goods.

2, highlighting the strength of your site and brand authority, so that search users understand and affirm your value.

3, nearly a million times a day to show the opportunity, as well as the continuous introduction of Baidu precision, high value flow.

4, the long-term sustainable development of space, and Baidu join hands to grow together.

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