User precipitation determines the success or failure of the electricity supplier

The degree of precipitation of

users is one of the core of the successful operation of a website, directly showing the popularity of the site, the attractiveness of the user. The readability of the content, the beauty of the site are the main points to attract users, users browse the page and click on the number of times the page is to evaluate the degree of a site user precipitation parameters.

now we spend time, thinking about how to precipitate in the user than in the previous repeat purchase rate, product price, profit conversion rate is more important. In order to precipitate more users, so that these users become loyal users of the site, most of the electricity supplier sites are spending a lot of money to buy traffic and the use of some small profits, small cheap to attract users. Where is the real implementation of the electricity supplier website should be all about the implementation, after a period of time, the number of these methods can really settle the user is one of the few, mostly to get these little cheaper then disappear without a trace. So what’s the reason? The following is the key.

first, allowing users to become a habit of online shopping

we all know, now online shopping has become a trend, basically every user mentioned online shopping is off the reel, more or less have online shopping experience. Small to large car fuel, villa, which can be purchased through the way of electronic commerce. Although these things can be purchased through online shopping, but after all, online shopping is still only a small part of the user’s life, rather than as we eat, work, sleep has become an indispensable thing. So the electricity supplier website to do is how to make these users to always pay attention to, so that online shopping has become a lack of users can not be something.

as we know Taobao, it attracts most of the users of online shopping. Why do we all pay attention to Taobao why do we like to go everywhere on Taobao Taobao one of the most important reason lies in the diversification of Taobao products, the number of shops. It has tens of thousands of goods, large and small shops beyond count. Every day there are different activities, different discounts, so for online shopping users Taobao is the biggest attraction. Only every day to pay attention to the latest activities, to catch up with the latest offer, will not miss any opportunity.

second, wake up electricity supplier hibernation

winter hit, electricity providers have entered the hibernation period. The biggest problem is how to improve the profitability of the electricity supplier. Some of the electricity supplier will accurate advertising investment, thereby reducing advertising costs; some of the electricity supplier on the entire web site optimization, improve the conversion rate of the website commodity; some of the electricity supplier website will start to old users, so that the old customers to repeat purchase; those who can think of the method is almost exhausted, but suffer from poor effect. How can we really grasp the "root cause", uprooted, the electricity supplier website operation ability were improved, is the real key. How to wake up the electricity supplier hibernation? That is, how to maintain the user’s stickiness, become a precipitation user?

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