How to lower the level of grassroots brand operation B2C E commerce

was busy with his chores for a long time. When people look forward to the future and excessive planning theory will become more and more impetuous, will eventually have entered the cycle. Sometimes feel that writing is meaningless, nothing more than to show their own to get a certain amount of attention, to promote contacts and resources. Theory and thinking tend to throw themselves far behind. In the face of their own previously wrote some articles are particularly weak, suddenly realized that these are very convincing. There is only one way to reflect a person’s ability and height. No matter how cattle B have your network, you have many wide contacts, you have many outstanding IQ and thinking, you have strong execution, if you do not have to create a high income, all this is a false proposition, you are still a useless person.

was aware of this, and I felt the need to stop and take a serious look at it. What do I need? What is the essence? How can I do? I do now is right? The passion in the ideal after the collapse, before the vertical chuilao. Precipitation down to do some practical things, see the situation to return to rational, it is hard to grow. As a young 80, had to bear the pressure from various aspects of the reality. You should also plan to get married next year, house car or all the castles in the air. I am not a sentimental person, often see such as holding lots of inspirational, persistence, courage, struggle in this article is full of nonsense words of contempt. We are all adults, do not need a bowl of chicken soup every day from my vote. As a man only carrying pressure trot.

Oh, a bit too much nonsense. Understanding, the mood is relatively low. Today is to share the grassroots team how low cost brand operations B2C. If we skip ahead, reprinted friends please start copying from the lower stage. As we all know, e-commerce has become the first big cake in China’s internet. Everyone wants to get a share, from 05 to 10 years, the massive influx of entrepreneurs new wave of e-commerce, continue to burn. Especially in the field of B2C e-commerce, clothing, home appliances, daily necessities, there is always the birth of a new B2C website. Many of them such as Jingdong, Newegg, shop No. 1 that do the best height. But more is aborted, this year the group purchase prospects also become fashionable for a time. As we all know that the threshold is relatively high, difficult to recover the initial investment.

is more important reason is a large Taobao Ma, Taobao mall almost spike all vertical electronic mall. In the morning is still in the group with the butterfly brothers Lin said Taobao shop are mandatory to sign the consumer protection, the threshold of entry into the market is getting higher and higher. Grassroots to operate e-commerce more and more difficult. In fact, the first problem is to reduce the cost, with a low cost way to fight such a large Taobao burn. The above words are a bit official ha, are not like I wrote, forget it, do not install B. Today is the day to write, we help the grassroots team to a motley crew, the minimum cost of a product brand marketing, smooth.

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