Love career domain name money and happiness

for a long time are no longer concerned about the domain name, will no longer be renamed to. Today saw "essay in the doings of ghosts and gods, and look at a few articles, did not want to read. Think about your troubled thoughts, have desire for a m rich, feel very funny.

contact network, was in 2000, when the high school graduation, in a unit on the low. A computer in the office, a telephone and a cat, just contact with the network, but only in the OICQ with the so-called love sent a great time. Later, I would like to do a person’s home page, want to use their own ID:minihome to register a domain name, so that they can have a bubble in the user’s time to show off the capital. Unfortunately, at that time the network knowledge is too small, did not know where to register domain names.

pass is 2004, it did not bear fruit, but also enjoy, enjoy the process is also very good. Sometimes I want to, only the creation of a small business of their own, there is a love of people, there is a hope that such a day should be the happiest. When the network card popular, and I was in a stationery shop met hallmark, love it very much: a piece of paper he had Mansheng thousands and thousands of words. Whim, want to use the network convenient to send real paper cards. Give your site has a name: a paper card (more than thousands and thousands of words). So I applied for online banking in ICBC, and registered my first domain name in a website called Tiger wing:

the problem is, when I contact the greeting card, they told me to do agency, the first minimum order is fifty thousand. I think, I have fifty thousand things which it?. I have to earn fifty thousand first. So they dream of how to make money, but also occasionally buy lottery tickets, pay attention to getting rich information. One day in the newspaper to see a message that someone will own a domain name: sold $about one million.

I knew at that time that a good domain name could no longer be registered. Although in 05 years found there are many three letter.CN can be registered, but only in all registered a: At that time, it was found that the forum. Just think that the three letter CN is not worth the money. Not too much attention.

in early 06, and registered the domain name of the two intended for their own use:,, but later lost. Because I realized that such a domain name, unless they use, is not worth any money. On the contrary, the domain name, at the beginning of the year is not going to the charges, but found five hundred dollars, but also the value of thought, hey, if I had the money, registered one hundred, there are fifty thousand? But the only way I think about it, even if there are poor and blank, ten thousand or twenty thousand yuan of money at the time, never it registered one hundred domain name. Because I can not expect that the domain name can be appreciated so fast.

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