The English name officially changed to pinyin Fuwa Photos

The English name of the original "Friendlies >

after the reform of the English name for the Chinese pinyin "Fuwa Fuwa"

changed from "Friendlies" to "Fuwa"

days ago, reporters from the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee confirmed that since last November released the once controversial 2008 Olympic mascots "Fuwa" international translation of "Friendlies" has changed the official last week, the new English translation pinyin "Fuwa" was officially opened.

recently, careful users found in the official website of the Olympic Fuwa, publicity pictures on English translated into "Fuwa".

reporter saw at the official website of the Olympic landscape image column, all the five Fuwa photo on the left corner of the international translation from English translation of "the original Friendlies has been changed to" pinyin "Fuwa". The reporter learned from the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee, the translation of change is considering all kinds of reasons to make decision. The reporter saw in the part of the Olympic merchandise store advertisement and city bar, because the translation just change soon, Fuwa merchandise packaging and part of the Olympic propaganda paintings on the English translation is "Friendlies".

It is understood that

, released last year Fuwa, the accuracy of English translation on the Internet has been questioned. sports forum had "Fuwa international translation properly?" The topic is discussed in the netizen.

, Lanzhou University College of resources and Environmental Engineering Professor Lee is questioned on the first Fuwa international translation of "Friendlies", and points out the problems in three aspects. First of all, in the word meaning, "Friendly" has two meanings: first, "friendly people". The two is: "the game between the teams (that is the friendly)". The plural forms of the two meanings are Friendlies.

secondly, in pronunciation, "Friendlies" and "Friendless" (no friends) pronunciation similar, easy to cause misunderstanding.

third, in the word pronunciation will make people think: "Friendlies = Friend (friend) + lies (lies)", will be ambiguous.

in addition, Dr. Lee was also recommended to the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee three translation:

Forworld: the Beijing Olympics slogan "One World One Dream" (one world, one dream) agree without prior without previous consultation.

Forward: the intention is to move forward, just with the higher, faster, stronger newspaper

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