Five aspects of the site to buy our inspiration

with the development of the Internet, big and small group purchase station for a time come out, which is also a part of the venture capital, some large group purchase station spared no expense to the "burn" promotion, to see such a new business model, many small owners also start a group purchase, I am also very optimistic about the group purchase model. The following five aspects to share with you to buy some enlightenment to us, welcome to correct me.

first, fully understand the user habits: people buy things have two habits, one is cheap, and the other is blindly follow the trend of the two. Just buy site can meet the potential needs of users. First of all things cheaper than the reality of the user will like, feel sure to buy back their own money, because people buy from the traditional channels than you. Cheap and can not only attract users to buy, but also easier to form the suit, many users will actually want to buy really does not matter, but so many people bought me along for the ride, so I also bought some feeling now; not use temporarily, not expensive anyway, after total for you, so also bought; more people want is so cheap, after the village is not the store, so we must hurry to account for cheap, immediately pay to buy. So, how to understand the user’s psychology, take the initiative to guide the user, the target is to make them "follow the trend of consumption, the best cheap".

second, digging up the details of its value: the details of many of us will ignore the problem, we may want to buy a thing to buy a person even if the task is completed. In fact, there are a lot of details can be excavated value-added projects. For example, a couple of tickets, although we only sell a discount coupons, but the actual consumption of a pair of lovers tend to have other consumption; such as beauty group purchase, can provide cheap or free A products, the purpose is to let her find a better B, or let A to pay attention to these products, the final pay is B users. Therefore, different industries will have different value-added services, we have to study his characteristics, to achieve the lowest cost, value maximization is the purpose.

third, low-cost viral marketing: viral marketing is often spread very quickly, sometimes far beyond our imagination. But the effect is really what we want to see. You must be able to provide a valuable product to the user, so that the value of speculation. No matter happy network or where customers e-mail marketing, viral marketing, let us see its power, group purchase website is about to flow, products are not many, very suitable for low cost of viral marketing, find a plan, to detonate it, the rest of the things is to observe the surge flow then, the work is to analyze the data from the data can find many valuable things.

fourth, the degree of confidence is very important: buy a lot of regional, so there is no such a large local service capabilities, we must think about a problem. For example, a lot of catering websites, movie tickets, coupons and other beauty, the number the better not to buy, if the business does not have enough service ability to eat a meal with a group purchase coupons to >

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