Yu Bin 2007 popular website promotion method

is also a year passed, if you ask what is the most troubling you in 2007, most of the webmaster friends will say is website promotion, I summarized some website promotion methods 2007 popular in the new year’s day, for everyone to share.

1, SEO optimization. Most of the early site traffic is from the search engine, so do the page structure and the text keywords keywords deployment is a must, on the SEO, there are many online tutorials, you can refer to learn about.

2, posting machine promotion. Now popular on the market are posting machine, can send a message, the oblog log, Discuz forum, Phpwind forum, Dvbbs forum and so on, to promote through posting machine, you can make a lot of people know your site in a short time, but has several drawbacks, one is a sudden increase in too many external links will make the search engine the content of the website is included; two we all know you are using posting machine to promote your website, is decent people despised.

3, top stick machine promotion. 2007 popular signatures to place ads, come down for a long time, can achieve very good results, but the manual too tired, so many forums, is too much manpower and money, so the world will have a top stick machine, automatic advertising content will be placed in the signature, let the top stick machine for you top, a forum for about 8 hours at least to release the 1200 stick, it is equal to 8 hours 1200 to do a free advertisement.

4, network promotion. Fanchon is still hot in 2007, to obtain relatively high flow or every day, the people’s network bookmarks, Tianji summaries of profiles (people’s network beginning not included external content from May, once included, flow is rushing to


5, QQ group promotion. There are always people in the recruitment of a part-time job special behind, every day is special is T out of every advertisement in the QQ group, QQ group, on average, a group of 100 people, released a day 50 group, is 5000 person, the 5000 person there will be at least 2000 people to see your advertisement. So, we would also like to thank the Tencent to give us a very good promotion of "tools", and has a special function of QQ group, is sent mail, oh, thank you again for Tencent.

6, email promotion. Now more and more difficult to do email marketing, the first is the email service providers to strengthen the control of spam, spam second is due to too much, so we have to do E-mail Promotion, must make great effort, I teach you two ways: first, find a good mass mailing tool, it is said that the willow shore development the tool is able to break the limits of spam mail, I tested, can indeed; two, the title to attract people, to lure people. Do this, even if your email marketing is not successful?

7, submit web site. Submit your site to a number of famous web sites

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