Summarize the core of hospital marketing

hospital’s network marketing is really very tired, but often is the hard work in order to create a miracle, to exercise our ability. We have been as a hospital network marketing people are constantly talking about how to marketing, how to make our customers believe us, understand us, and through trust and understanding to the store experience. All walks of life are so. Last night, when discussing this topic with a friend, a lot of sparks burst out, of course, there may be some bland, but is a commonplace talk of an old scholar, come to think of it, and can not be divorced from these, therefore, Zhao Chun today combed the moment, share out.

a, pay attention to product characteristics of packaging

has been talking about the hospital flicker, fabricated some facts, it is undeniable that most of this. So here I want to say for the packaging is the packaging of our products, the name of a loud like some stars renamed a truth, as we, our intention is to deliver the product advantages by name, good intentions. In this case, the stars need packaging, we are the same, therefore, in terms of the hospital, in the packaging of products and equipment is necessary. For example. A high-end device, his work is to apply some of the biological engineering of medicine, so we can call him XX biological what.

two, the project into the soul

in 2013 I listen to a manager said that the plan will gradually decline in the future, instead of network planning. Of course, I don’t quite agree with this view. Planning does not necessarily decline, as if Taobao can not really swallow the traditional network marketing is a truth, at least for now. We live in and around the same, there are a lot of love to read the newspaper, also have a lot of shopping, of course, there are also many a table to sit on the holding of fiddling with the mobile phone. Planning does not decline, but to think of how to project into the soul, but in the hospital, planning is not a simple design magazines, brochures, guide system design of the hospital is so simple. You should put all your work in the creative refined, thinking about how to improve the hospital’s brand image, thinking about how to improve the service experience, thinking about how to find the correlation relationship between doctors and patients, and the expression is the most important.

three, build your market ecosystem

look at the definition of the Encyclopedia of the biosphere, the biosphere is the largest ecosystem on earth, is the largest life system. Medical ecosystem is a process from experience to cognition to trust to experience. Many hospitals often set up the primary goal of the fast track route, while ignoring the sustainable development. Good reputation for the hospital, is the core of the ecosystem. An unknown customers only through experience to your products and services technology have the greatest feeling, so you get to know and trust, if the result is satisfactory, then he is a seed you spread, most likely in his relationship, will drive a lot of body >

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