2014 Brazil World Cup classic marketing case inventory ten

news July 14th, once every four years the world cup is a world carnival, the marketing battle of dust on the noise, you Changba me play, very lively. Today’s media form is more diverse, according to iResearch data show that more than 80% of this year’s people choose to watch the world cup through the internet. Brand marketing all over the Internet, television, mobile front end, creating different forms of mining different creative major advertisers to provide more room for imagination, but also gave a greater challenge in the field of fully and delightfully marketing war, the major advertisers as much as a Wu Yi, as is the spoils in this on the stage, in the fight to win the favor of consumers. Across the video, social media, mobile terminal ten brand marketing case,

who is superior?

, a creative King fun social media

can refrain from watching the world cup Tucao? Can refrain from watching others Tucao? Micro-blog during the world cup activity have the obvious growth, micro-blog has become a crowd of people and discuss the most important platform for major events, social media in major competitions remarkable value, advertisers will miss


& Benz leer at

to BMW and Mercedes Benz marketing ideas praise! The same as the German car high-end brands, BMW and Mercedes in the world cup at the same time in its official micro-blog posted the world cup in Germany on micro-blog, #We are and one team# jointly launched a theme of spirit, in order to support the country "your enemy, people moved, two big brands also have to state the name of the various tribute, Benz to salute the German national football team players, while BMW is a tribute to a team to be eliminated. Of course, at the same time also pay tribute to highlight the characteristics of their own car performance. All have shown that this is the world’s two strong brands together carefully planned marketing.


marketing: lethality assumes


comment: in order to state the "enemy" as a friend, this is the brand promotion! China luxury car market in the long term the Ashkenazi three, Audi, BMW and Mercedes, with their own ways for the motherland to cheer the team, in the face of this epoch-making move, netizens exclaimed "passion or bromance" interaction marketing between similar competing products, it is rare.

Yanjing Beer cleverly leveraging GIF advertising

During the world cup

numerous brands heavily bombed, seize a user perspective has long been empty, there are no loopholes can be picked up? Yanjing Beer this is another way to use GIF map! The world cup video is not the first time in the micro-blog platform communication, it can achieve gif. Yanjing Beer reached a cooperation with micro-blog, sina sports official micro-blog released the first time in the World Cup goal action figure, there will be a Yanjing Beer 2014 World Cup advertising pictures, this method is easy and effective. In the most convenient way to allow users to carry out two times, by g>

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