Example the most embarrassing reason for the unemployed in 2007

      Objective: Recently, network owners bustling, a self proclaimed expert who jiyangwenzi, pointing out the network, the article look really is a world I only tempestuous waves, the potential. The boy is not only, ability is limited, can not write such theories on what bird speak generally, plain writing articles, also to mix a familiar face;

      I’m not what skill, with a kind of website directly to write a soft case, for your reference, because it is free to give, I hope you do not deliberately crafted. For the first time to write a net, because I just have a model nets new sites, if you feel that you can help, you can put forward a certain kind of Web site, I write slowly in accordance with the order.

2007 the most embarrassing reason for unemployment (you must be careful)

      2007, I do not know your stock in the bull market to earn a few daily limit, but as long as you want to keep your legitimate career, then you must understand the reasons for the most embarrassing unemployed in 2007.

      in the company, if you often need to write some articles, including monthly summary report, survey report and product report and so on, if you find a job and resume, if work and resignation speech. In fact, most of us are science and engineering background, for the text has not been too cold, although know the broad and profound language, but always only in the rhetoric word pat edge wave. But due to the high correlation between all kinds of application documents, the availability of each article is very strong, so the Internet is derived from the network. When you need to write an application to join the party, you will use Baidu Search applications. Then, slightly modified can be accomplished; when you want to write a survey report, you will certainly follow the template design structure of the network model, and then fill in the data and a summary that can be the end of their own.

      but now, you need to pay attention to a little, that is, although the Internet model, but the content is basically the same. It seems that there are hundreds of thousands of models, but it may be the only one that is exactly the same. If you and your colleagues at the same time are required to write an article, it is likely that you are using the same model, the results have had serious consequences. In March this year, Li because applications and others cannot join the party in April, basically identical; Zhang in the investigation report written products and colleagues used the same text inside the survey data and summary dismissal; the most exaggerated, Xiao Zhou is deputy general wrote a large lecture, the company manager the speech is largely the same, and the deputy general temporary casually speak face no, Xiao Zhou naturally immediately unemployed.

      write articles, need a model, but also need their own point of view. If you want to do this

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