Owners want to change the fate of the need to learn to change the mode of operation

As the saying goes, "

is always the same," and see is not conducive to a variety of personal webmaster survival information at the same time, I don’t want to write this article, because everyone’s station was blocked, I wrote will not help to who. But for some of the persistence and dedication of the webmaster, perhaps this article will have some help to you, consider again and again, or with the same as I stick to a friend to share.

relative to the site is a very easy operation station, there are a lot of free CMS system, take over a system name change, change the title, is a website. But this is the low cost of the site led to the failure of many personal webmaster. Perhaps you do not understand this sentence, perhaps you have a deep understanding. In any case, we often don’t care too much about low cost. Because of this, so for an investment and small sites, there are few webmaster friends really put him as a career, as reported by the attitude "in the future do make money" put on the line, it can mate, your station is public welfare right. The station is also an investment, do not want to have income.

standing relative site operation it is a kind of knowledge, it is an art, many webmaster realized operating station hard, perhaps the site didn’t spend much money, but the operation station if you do not spend money to spend energy to spend time. But most people choose the latter is the webmaster, because most of the grassroots webmaster. How about spending time with your friends and how much time and energy you spend?. If all in the site promotion, then you are wrong, and sometimes does not mean that you can have a good flow of income. What is the key – business model, a good business model may not have to do a lot of your own promotion, you can get good returns.

good business model 80% is established in the continuous exploration. Many people want to stick in the beginning of the plan to a seamless heavenly robe. But the more so, the more often the need to change the mode of operation in the late, because the community is in progress, the development of the network, will not change will be eliminated. I operate web578 more than a year, feeling a lot, here to talk about the significance of changing business models. At the beginning of the site so far, the reform and the profound changes in the mode of operation experience, now out of the station at the beginning of the idea, that can only do site plan, and not as a guiding scheme of this website. From the original simple communication forum to the current original video tutorials, which can be described as experienced two major changes. The first is to change from a simple forum for the exchange of tools and techniques for sharing second times directly across to the original video tutorial, every change, there will be traffic loss, then you will ask, why did you change the flow loss ah, because I’m more realistic, I clearly know now is not important just traffic, but more of a realistic mode of operation, even now high flow again, a problem model, will only be tired of doing it.

actually, the main reason for the change is

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