HillTop theory a new algorithm for exploring Google ranking

          2003 November 16th – this day could be an important milestone in the history of search engines. It is in this is known as "   Google  Florida" update, Google conducted a large-scale change of the ranking algorithm, and lead to many of the original ranking good site overnight as the nightmare in his. Each update cycle may be the ranking algorithm to make some small changes in Google way, but this is such a big change, the webmaster and the search engine optimization industry were shocked and unexpected can not help. Not only many of the original ranking has been lost before the spear of commercial website ranking, but also makes many website ranking optimization company have been no small impact. But because Google almost occupied most of the country’s search market, if we abandon and switch to other search engines for business promotion, not necessarily for the wise.    A new algorithm for


HillTop  (LocalScore)   algorithm    Author:

Google new algorithm in the face of what exactly is Mount Lu? It’s still a mystery. While on the Google site, from its " high quality content sites and incentives for the use of malicious technology site &quo>

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