Tell stories play Emoji VR who is the highlight of content marketing

brand case

1, 60”

Recommended reason: the content of

depends on the bucket challenge type "named" relay caused by fission spread

‘s "answer" has recently launched the "life of the answer" activities, to raise a question about people’s philosophy of life – if life is only the last 60 seconds, what would you say?


and ice bucket challenge is similar, should take the public (congenital children project) in the name of a spread in the network, the shell network founder Ji thirteen, the famous writer Zhou Guoping and the logic of thinking founder Mr. Luo Zhenyu leading sound, followed by Wang Feng, Ma Dong, Zhang Xiaoxian, Dou Wentao, Li Yinhe, left the small curse from all walks of life KOL have joined.

As the

content in the form of Q & a platform, a national wide thinking topic, no doubt to allow more target groups to actively participate in the 60”voice, "is like nuclear fission as" love relay across the social network.


2, little sheep in the trip

recommended reason: a shocking gourmet circle, film and television circles, the media circle

is such a high value of Yan advertising film, also known as the "138 ingredients wonderful travel", the "tongue on the Chinese II" director Chen Shuo for little sheep tailored.


said the little sheep to shoot the film shocked the circle of friends, the whole crazy regardless of the cost, not only to find the best director, best lighting, camera, music by the composer Chen Hao is the original building. The process of building well, is this "gourd okra king, Bush took 5 days to


fine slow boil, alone, if the good content comes with the spread of the video, so do. Within a few weeks, the advertising circle, film and television, food circle V have sent a large number of Amway, as tap water.

3 [time] noodle series micro film

recommended reason: with a story about creative cuisine

Taiwan unity popular series of ads "small time" noodle shop, just won the 2016 Cannes Golden Lion entertainment. Cannes entertainment festival is a new year award, trying to encourage the brand through all forms of entertainment, experience, games and so on to contact the consumer, the brand value, so as to achieve the brand effect.

[small] time noodle what this award is to win the story, brand series of micro film tells 10 different stories, with a bowl of noodle to each string of time guest story flagship warmth and nostalgia route, make consumers and brands resonate.

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