The girl is Rolle Dan fox empty replica


read the articles of Yu Xiaodan Ni t have heartfelt praise: lying on this matter, the woman is the talent — facts and details in the cover article reveals more than


throughout the entire event: 90 entrepreneurial myth, a conspiracy is the investor and founder of the Bureau, now finally people scattered, this is a she and uneven infighting spoils investor events, she has to make the writing skill to manipulate the use of public sympathy to investors called Rolle the emperor to abdicate, events in the circle of science and technology

version of the story!

in details, and listen to the Ni t for you Weiweidaolai


"in the past 20 days, the empty fox CEO is how the disease was kicked out of the shareholders?" one article, is to begin to carry out sick, pass a hint to the reader:

This is a

in order to achieve the ideal business every day, stay up late to work overtime, even life can not be guaranteed, ultimately overwork suffering forced the founder, a founder of the industrious and delicate and touching image, is the foundation of the whole story.

With the development of

behind the plot, a # indifferent capital predatory female entrepreneurs # style Yueranzhishang, currently on the market of over so much entangled in between it and the investor who is right, but if the whole story from the source is not established


according to industry familiar with this company’s friend said to Ni uncle, the "overwork" after 90 business CEO, in fact, appear in the company a year (one friend said: less than 5 times), the basic of absolutely ignorant of specific operation……

and search the news before the CEO, you will find: This is not a few months in the company, and even employees suspected of running on the situation is not a day two days


The founder of

a year to 5 times the sick, even who are not, what is the relationship with the investors to come in this clip? Write, is the organ skill, cherish evil thoughts;

apparently she is conscious of my own shortcomings, so it has "reflection" problems "own blindly increasing the market, the introduction of executive process inspection is not comprehensive, lack of external financing busy team", the first to admit that he is a qualified CEO, to resist later attacks……


problem is, can say is not a problem, the problem is not that those events is not the focus of Yu Xiaodan, and the investor’s right and wrong, and that she is what? What? Come to treat the investor to her method is just



search: more than Dennis, we can get a series of news and label:

returnees, 90 genius less

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