Zhu Xiaohu tore the panda capital ofo really 100 days Mobell garrotte

news September 30th, the day before, the Jinsha River venture capital fund partner Zhu Xiaohu ofo shared bicycle for ten million U.S. dollars of investment comment, dished out the "90 day battle bicycle market share", caused by the panda capital retort. Panda capital WeChat public release article, said ofo in a year if we can exceed the v-mobile, panda partner in Beijing China World Trade Center naked ride, the paper soon attracted attention.

Zhu Xiaohu forwarded a "ofo shared by tens of millions of dollars in travel by bike strategic investment" message in the circle of friends in 26, when the opinion said, "bit of strategic investment ofo bicycle sharing platform, and will travel the field of all-round cooperation in the city! Double WEI combination, rival! Carpool, price battle to end the fighting in 90 day, bike sharing is no exception!"


this, panda capital will be understood as an end to the fighting to destroy all shared bicycle competitors, especially the v-mobile. And in 28 by WeChat public posting said, "now there are people threatened to destroy Mobell within 90 days, the face of provocation, obviously not Xiong Maojun’s style has been silent."


panda capital comparison from three aspects of innovation consciousness, business logic and user service analyzes the characteristics of ofo and Mobell cycling of the two, and put forward the following views: "Mobell in products, technology, and business model innovation, for the China city travel market brought a breeze." "Ofo hold on the flow of the thigh can beat opponent? This logic will beg to differ in." "Mobell has always been committed to solve the user’s travel experience, and to encourage green travel."

panda capital unilaterally made the bet: "if 90 days ofo really more than Mobell, panda Jun his big ass wants to ride ofo bike around Beijing China World Trade Center circle, the circle of friends with."

netizens commented: joke, mobike lock them 90 days are uncertain." "There is a strong way, users and other subsidies, subsidies by bike owners to share to expand coverage, 90 days completely possible, then mergers and acquisitions can be mobell."


billion state power network combing found that since the establishment of ofo, has won the four round of financing and a strategic investment. The only hunting capital, Jinsha River venture, Chinese Jingwei it real funds, travel and other well-known VC have investment drops. Ofo founder and CEO Dai Wei, graduated from Peking University, Guanghua School of Management, in 2014 with 4 partners founded ofo.

contrast Mobell bicycle, panda capital, Cheung Fung investment, innovation works is its investment. Hu Yulan, founder of the same time as the founder of geekcar, CEO, former general manager of Uber Shanghai.

, according to ofo

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