Traditional enterprises should not be too much pursuit of mobile nternet Marketing

mobile Internet is to develop a "virgin land", 2102 stampede in entrepreneurs, traditional companies are flocking to the mobile Internet, but the current profit at the end of the mobile Internet is only a few. Especially some traditional enterprises, are aimed at the mobile Internet business, but really worth spending so much cost in the mobile internet terminal? Where is the traditional enterprise profit point? Its customer groups, through the mobile terminal to find the business? Is now in a period of rapid development of Internet, especially is the mobile Internet traffic increased significantly, but this did not affect the flow of the end of the internet. The excessive pursuit of new pursuit, follow the trend, the pursuit of fashion, only trifles.

as a traditional business, its profit or the end of the Internet, mobile Internet traffic from less and less, of course not, but the focus of mobile internet marketing is not our traditional marketing, Internet marketing is a very long, very large system, there are several traditional enterprises dare he said the end of the network to achieve the ultimate marketing on the Internet? No one should dare say this words, so the author thinks that the traditional enterprise should do their duty work, network marketing.

mobile Internet profit model is not suitable for traditional companies, why do you say that?

first, mobile terminal traffic less. Why small? For example, I sell machinery, in order to follow the trend of mobile Internet to engage in marketing, even if the mobile terminal is doing better, and how much traffic? How many people can move through the Internet to buy machinery? A machine less than thousand yuan more than Jishiwanjibai million, by moving at the end of the search can be traded? Obviously not possible. And if we put these inputs in the mobile terminal plus Internet marketing it?.

second, mobile client trust issues. Unlike traditional enterprise electricity supplier as the price is low, generally involves the price of a few thousand dollars, how will the user through the mobile terminal to buy your products? If you buy this product, you dare to believe? So trust is a big issue.

third, management issues. Well since the mobile terminal marketing system, so must go to management as network marketing, management and human, material and financial resources, which may affect the enterprise’s own marketing system, the new investment will involve new management.

fourth, mobile terminal marketing difficult. So far, very few traditional companies in the mobile terminal to succeed, so too much investment may not be able to return. In this case with no predecessors to create new profit point, too difficult. For companies like innovation may be able to try.

the current Internet marketing is not in an already inflated period, can only be regarded as the development of it, the traditional enterprise in the aspects of marketing is very monotonous, even many traditional companies are not involved in network marketing. When >

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