Forum to promote a variety of ways to summarize

forum to promote the site is one of the most commonly used methods. Because of strong pertinence, this approach can bring back a high weight links, but also to attract more potential users. But we can not ignore the shortcomings of the forum promotion. When a message is derived from the link is limited, in addition, too many posts too blind is easy to be deleted, or even ID. Combining these advantages and disadvantages, I summed up the following promotion forum.

first, selective use of forum

selection criteria include: popular, more potential user groups, there are signatures and modify functions.

second, the contents of the article on the mind

1, when necessary, can be the title of the party. A dazzling title can attract a lot of visitors. For example: "Xi Li Ge is actually her ex boyfriend"

2, the content of the article to the forum, not easy to be deleted. In addition, the forum is an interactive place, write their own content to be able to cause controversy, so that everyone involved in the discussion.

3, the content of the article to meet their website content. If you write a blind, and finally to a link, so it is easy to be considered junk links, the consequences are very serious.

4, the first paragraph of the article to appear in the middle of the tail keywords.


5, but also the use of bold font, let the search engine to the word. The best keywords can be derived directly from their website to promote links.

third, forum posting notes


1, reprint.

turn to the post must have a high rate of replies. The title and content of a little change to other forum. Remember to form their own URLs and keywords plus ad post. For example, last year the Spring Festival, I saw an article about spring buying experience in post, I was transferred to the NetEase, the NetEase not only on the results page, I also bring huge traffic.


advertising to prevent deleted


in order to prevent the advertisement to be deleted, I often take this way: send the advertisement in the thread, this is generally not be deleted. In reply to the top five, such was the chance to see more.

fourth, the use of avatar and signature

specifically designed to promote their own brand of avatar, add a link to your site in the signature.

these are my experience in the promotion of the company’s Web site, many have achieved good results. To their posts and can promote the company can increase the number of sites outside the chain, edited some good soft Wen, finally, welcome to visit my website to India:

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