How to add a watermark to the flash game website

in the flash game watermarking promotion website is an interesting way of promotion, although some webmaster have this idea, could not find a way. This article to help you solve this problem.

on the Internet, you think the talented men still remained in concealment, always thought of others, do, even developed a tool to help newcomers do. This article is to introduce you to a SWF file can be used to facilitate the use of the watermark software. The name of the software before I sell a child, the back again, let’s look at the general use of software process.

the first step, open the tool software, and the flash game SWF file import.

second step, the composition of the flash game scene is used as the material of the image file.

the third step, with the window comes with the drawing software on the export of the picture file plus publicity information, that is, add watermark.

fourth step, the modified image files to re import flash game scene, and save.

through the above four steps can be achieved in the flash game to join us to publicize the information. Then, we have to do is put the flash files on the Internet, let the game continue to be game player download, in the process of forwarding, we become free lunches.

due to the longer content, and there are more pictures, the specific operating process has been made into a PDF file to download. Users can access the Brooke soft advertising alliance website, in the information section under the sub section "promotion skills" in the file download link, and add watermark to flash file name tool there announced.

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