One of WeChat’s actual combat powder

weekend, this is the rest of the time, but since the beginning of the road from the media, almost every night, are dedicated to share the log. I don’t know if it’s worth it, but I know it’s my love and responsibility.

hobby, recognized from the media, like WeChat marketing.

responsibility, there are 52 VIP and other members of my group and an actual WeChat marketing dry cargo. The word "responsibility" is easy to say, hard to do!

today, I have time to do something really practical things, to get a really feasible combat program to share with my VIP students.

now and we say that a major literary platform: watercress!

I think 80’s friends are playing this, of course, I learned that a lot of 90 also.

watercress, a lot of people will say that this platform is the majority of users of the user, the user is not very high quality,

I would only say that the people who say these words, they are all X, these young artists and all kinds of special hobby crowd.

they are really valuable user, if you read this book "alien" Gladwell, how many can know some, they are the future of the "mainstream", compared to users of other platforms, the user demands on the quality of life is relatively high, because the bean platform is made up from the book review, film critic well.

high quality users, the conversion costs and the difficulty is very high, but it is difficult to really transform the good, their value will be very large. What about me? I just like to find something difficult to do. See what I did in September 4th,


breath bought 50 watercress account.


well, to so much? What to do? Yes, what to do? Of course is to attract fans! How can this do that? Because I am still in the test period, the special details I do not detail, I and VIP students real good effect share. However, in order not to learn anything, I would like to talk about the basic operating procedures:

first step: account purchase.

where accounts from here? I think we can know: Taobao! But to find a reliable seller is also very important. In order to avoid advertising, I do not write here, where to buy the. You all, hard to find, you can find a reliable seller. If you are my VIP students, you will recommend who should go to.

note: the account is best to have a real picture, photo albums and other information is good, if not, we will come.

the second step: find the topic, multi exposure


this is the key point, I am also in the test. ;

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