was hungry to see a copy of the shop owner from Taobao

01 litchi fermented flavor

dislocation time, not the dislocation of the tongue perception

is intended to save now fermented glutinous rice, always chasing in litchi.

combination of two ingredients, is the color of the food industry.

is a little temper with time.

match them, tongue need courage.


if you want to miss your grandma’s homemade glutinous rice wine, you’re right.

a unique sweet aroma after fermentation, the perfect connection lychee juicy fruit.

is nostalgic and true feeling.

is like the taste of grandma in childhood.

02 rum chocolate

in front of being watered chocolate rumNo woman

stern manner

black is rich. Rum is a "deep silence", the most enthusiastic blow.


statement itself responsible for feelings of chocolate. Pirates of the rum, wine, to love a arias.

welcome to dark chocolate, a colorful vision of taste.


is more viscous than chocolate bars. Means more delicate.

because of the addition of rum, so eliminating the chocolate and Macarons are prone to the sweet feeling.

strong, mellow, sweet and smooth, but.

like the sweet but not greasy.

03 durian flavor

world needs to be contradictory system never compromise treatment

durian is the world’s most contradictory fruit.

can be very good to eat, smell very smelly.

is dedicated to the gods of the artifacts, but was banned from some public places.

this is the durian. The king of fruits.


Warm smell of

durian and Macarons special sweet.

shell blowing shells can be broken like crisp sense is durian moist sweet fillings,

handled very amazing.

like you never hate durian.

04 blueberry flavor

we finally tamed the most adept in the calm emotional color

blueberry is not a fruit, is a kind of color.

the color is quiet, deep, distant, melancholy, inner, and wise.


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