How to use hot events up millions of fans

event marketing is very popular at home and abroad in recent years a PR and marketing means, in effect, news media effect, advertising effect, psychological control, public relations, image communication, customer relationship in one, with a certain purpose, targeted and uncontrollable risks, quickly reached a brand the visibility of the exposure and sales promotion. Do event marketing must have several characteristics, summarized as follows:


first, have a fox like sharpness

marketing people are owl types, this is caused by the occupation, many hot events have occurred in the later 12 point night, this is what happened in the case of 12 midnight, see a message in my circle of friends, no one will see a lot of people in the circle of friends, because it is to do marketing sake, immediately feel this thing fuckedup then look down.

two, the ability to predict events

when most people are still immersed in the circle of friends forward, then the brain must be sober, know what to do next. There will be some people who say that it is a chance for you to run into a dead cat and a dead mouse. When the red is done, it will be the same, but the experience is more or less dependent on experience and skill.

experience is accumulated through the test of time, usually to learn more to see!


technique is the use of tools, such as: we often through a major platform search list to find the hot events, this step you OUT, when all major platforms are first reported, this event has been exposed out of the heat, we do not have the marketing people etc. the event came out after the operation, the red are commonly used by the major platform drop-down box and relevant search, because this is the most timely, with a large number of Internet users search and change the hot search list at this time is not updated. This technique gives us a good reference for event marketing!

three, executive power beyond the ordinary

a lot of hot events happened in the time, most people say they are thought of, but who cares? Who is to continue to implement? Mentioned case down said: when the circle of friends who are in each other, but also from the forward and the speed of communication can predict this event will blowout explosive.

this time you have to do the work in the major search engines and micro-blog search platform to find relevant information and evidence, then collect data, to avoid distortion in the operation process of Bo eyeball! You will find a few people have reported this matter comprehensive, are 00 odd, because they do SEO was born, know the search engines for hot information is very fast, then so what, the platform quickly send


four, good analytical skills

after this incident came out, most people are still immersed in the circle of friends to share

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