Operation strategy and thinking of operation director

in the field of Internet, products and operations are interlinked, the product is to provide value to the user, the operation is to allow users to recognize the value of their interdependence, strategic objectives are consistent. Any operation around the "user", including "to attract users and retain users", that is: let the user come and leave.


1 to attract users

said to attract users, have to mention traffic sources. In any third party statistics software, search engine, external links, direct login traffic has been standardized

search engines are usually attracted by content;

external links from a variety of marketing promotion, as well as soft and word of mouth;

direct login is usually loyal users, so that users in the back of the "retain the user" in detail. Add a point, there is a motto in SEO, content is king, the chain for the emperor, as well as the operation of the user to attract users.

1.1. growth in content building

content is the essence of Web1.0, but also the basis of the internet. In the Web2.0 era, the content of the class UGC or even SNS website is still inseparable from this foundation, but the way operators from the operator to create content gradually changed to operators to guide users to create content". Can be divided into 3 stages:

· Web1.0, in cold start, still need operators to create content, but they installed as a user;

· Web2.0, operators need to encourage users to create high quality content in line with community positioning;

· the operation needs to guide the user to browse the content that wants to see, and encourage the user to participate in, form the interaction between the user and the user;

these three complement each other, and the former is the basis of the latter.

how to encourage users, what is in line with the community positioning how users can create high quality content, which is the real work of Web2.0 products. For example, the integration of the white society system, such as the vertical community content positioning itself, such as a variety of recommendations, all kinds of square, a variety of certification… Even if only 1 can produce conforms to the community positioning content, operation should also keep up with the time, told the author: we love you so users also tell other people; community: such content here is welcome, this is enough, there are a lot of ways, not enumerated.

When the

after the second stage, guide the recommendation and encourage participation will be a natural thing, want to add fire, in addition to the product itself provides rules and functions, can still be behind in a stage of mobilization, and special activities or play. The trend is timed >

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