The fine solution of user psychology is the electricity supplier king

electricity supplier on the recent winter news have their own views, but I think the vertical electricity supplier is still very potential. Although many vertical electricity supplier is faced with the case of bankruptcy or acquisition, but there is still a new electricity supplier appeared in front of everyone. That’s why many vertical electricity supplier will collapse or be acquired? Because money is enough? By other large electricity providers through the study of the extrusion? Puzzle hall early mall found that reason is not true, but the website operators do not really understand the user psychology, makes a lot of enterprises are facing bankruptcy or takeover outcome.

the user psychology is what exactly? This is an issue that many business operators will want to know in order to grasp the user psychology to make the product, improve the user experience. Here to share the wisdom of the church in the mall summed up the user psychology for everyone to learn.

first impression determines the user’s attention

for the first time, users in a web page using the function that it can not find the next time you come in, ask our customer service, customer service courtesy call this feature you can * * link you can see, the user said this I used, is not a good use. After a period of time, the user feedback in our investigation of this feature is not easy to use, this is not what I want. So it’s hard for a user to change his first impression, so the first impression is very important.

second user’s habitual

here I give customers a dialogue with our customer service staff:

customer: your search button how to see? Customer: Hello, we put it to the top, this will allow more users to see the client every day: how do you change ah, change to


from here you can see a lot of users will follow their dependence to go, so you have to take into account the changes to the user’s habits, you can use some tips to guide the user!

third take me as the center

customer is God, so most of the customers in the consumer will have a little self-centered ideas, such as user feedback that why my information here does not show? Our answer is, let the customer to check, is where you set wrong, because the other clients can display properly, but the customer will want to can I have with other customers, what relationship? I don’t show up here is your site problem. Here you can see that users will only care about their own things, if you go with a strong customer identification, it is easy to let customers do not have a good impression on you.

fourth users feel more confident about their own

the general feeling of the people around him are invisible to him, a lot of the time we will meet the customer said to us, "my friend said you good price, I also want to buy a piece of" so in our busy looking for voice to speak.

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