Do not do business rather than lengtouqing

there is no doubt that the current e-commerce is no longer a trend, but has been very hot. Even conservative companies have begun to try to open up a new world. There is no denying that most companies have already begun to do or are ready to do business in the past few years, and in this process is indeed a lot of companies; but at the same time there is only a small part of such a lucky. More companies are unable to start, is struggling.

Before the

do a lot of traditional business enterprise is not the Internet elements a little, just as many are now beginning to allow enterprises to do business electricity supplier boss said. Ten years ago when just the popularity of Internet, I think this thing is not a climate, gadgets, and ten years later to see some of their competitors by using the Internet to their far behind. This time finally regret, regret did not pay attention to this stuff; while others are beginning to do this, you can not fall, and also followed the booming with the electricity supplier. When their employees do not understand this thing, to please a little people who understand the Internet and at least than themselves and their employees have to understand the internet. But this time there will be a big problem, most bosses will not be allowed to own recruited new staff to fully control their own how to do business, do business decision-making is still the original high or even small businesses directly is the boss.

with the development of Internet and electronic commerce, many people also see opportunities, some bitter grass root will be able to set up a so-called professional marketing company, itself can provide a complete business solution for small and medium enterprises. And their sales are often closely reasoned and well argued once these people with the traditional enterprise, the boss face to face, the boss seems to be natural to see new hope, will surely believe these people think they are professional. Which we all know, in every city, especially the small city, the real skill of the marketing company is very the most, only you. Why? Maybe do marketing people may want to scold, but I was matter of fact is that. Some people asked me why I had such a great deal of breath, and I came to the conclusion that it was simple. For example, a few members of the marketing team, they actually do what one, and no matter how small, if they don’t get a single sample, and customer requirements no matter what they say can do; and actually give money after the effect you don’t want to know, but had several this is seen. Of course, I do not rule out a lot of really focused on helping companies do marketing team, but also in a few.

is one of these people fooled, business owners or senior clouds began, and these people with their customers say that in some cases the most, such as Alibaba, Ma Yun, millet, Huang Taiji and so on, and these people may even these stories he doesn’t know the details.

listened to all this

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