Tmall Jingdong competing landing O2O also need to integrate the industry chain

in the home appliance industry in the integration of online and offline (O2O) trend, manufacturers and chain stores have net, Tmall and Jingdong, the two major electricity supplier platform is to "landing".

recently, Ali launched the code Amoy platform. Electricity supplier giant landing in the form of self built logistics, alliance stores, extended to the commodity as the carrier.

when manufacturers, chain stores, electronic business platform are driving O2O, game, competition can not be avoided, but it is more in need of cooperation. Only the supply chain seamless connection, will have a good user experience, consumers will pay.

electricity "down to earth"

commodity will become the platform connecting the line under the two-dimensional code is one of the key". A Ali stakeholders to the first Financial Daily reporters, said that if you see a friend to buy a new refrigerator, but also want to buy, just sweep the two-dimensional code on the refrigerator, you can achieve the two purchase.

the business tycoon a year with tens of thousands of goods, if the goods or packaging has a two-dimensional code, not only can provide convenient service information, but also bring two times sales opportunities, as a way to fill the electricity supplier experience "short board.

in order to improve the experience, Ali and Jingdong these two years competing landing". At the end of last year, the Alibaba strategic investment Haier (01169.HK)’s goodaymart, three or four the market trying to take advantage of network, strong bulky goods logistics services.

Haier electric chairman Zhou Yunjie said recently, Ali this year to give Haier orders of not less than 4 million, involving logistics costs 300 million yuan, expected future orders every two years there will be two times the growth of ali.

has just listed Jingdong, in addition to the 15 cities in the country last year, tens of thousands of convenience stores O2O cooperation, but also to explore cooperation with rural home appliance stores. The general manager of the Jingdong group and vice president of home appliances division soldier Yan told the reporter said, in this regard, Jingdong have approached the United States, Haier etc.. For example, in the township market, Jingdong can transfer orders to a store, by the store to provide door-to-door delivery, installation and other after-sales service.

e-commerce "


China has 1 trillion and 200 billion yuan a year, the size of the home appliance market, the rapid development of electricity providers, but currently only about 10% of the share. Ali, the Jingdong want to influence the remaining 90% of the market, will be from the "business" to "electronic commerce", in the process to promote the line Fengeng sales Internet in "".


strategic and operational consulting division deputy general manager Li Ye believes that the electricity supplier giant for the appliance industry, not only the channel level O2O change, but change the whole industry chain. For example, Ali has launched intelligent operating system, with the United States Air conditioning, SKYWORTH cool open TV and other cooperation; Jingdong also has a huge smart home program.

in March this year, Shanghai Expo, Jingdong CMO group blue ye had to plant "cloth"

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