Microsoft to buy domain names do not buy the essence

China’s largest "domain name" – Beijing State Grid Company may be the biggest deal in vain, making only a few million dollars. Microsoft fully into the online service market, launched the online version of the Windows operating system and Office office software, entered the era of live software.

then Microsoft will need a live portal, has become Microsoft’s acquisition of object from "" to the domestic domain name live. At present, people have clearly realized the value of the domain name, domain name is more and more investors in the domain name, Microsoft to get these domain names need to pay a high price.

else we don’t care, but live two China domestic domain name and was quietly into Microsoft hands, synchronous operation with live global website. And Microsoft only spent tens of thousands of dollars. The original Microsoft does not come forward, as early as May, commissioned by a company called Melbourne IT domain name registration company to buy. This can avoid the seller will see Microsoft Lions big mouth, the price is too high.

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