Jingdong to suspend all metro mall reminded or because of high rental costs

out of the subway, you can carry goods online shopping home in February this year, the Jingdong Metro mall launched from mentioning, however, this service has been stopped.

Beijing investment company official told reporters, since some of the express business is no problem, the suspension of cooperation is mainly put forward by the Jingdong.

this mall to the Jingdong, said: "there is a response to the Jingdong and the subway service from mentioning the carrier consultation, in July 15th to temporarily shut down the subway from mentioning, system adjustment and upgrade. This is mainly because: on the one hand, the Jingdong’s own distribution station and since some already present network coverage, to meet the needs of the consumers, more recently launched the evening delivery service, to provide convenient services to users. On the other hand, the subway is since the question had never had the cooperation mode, everything is still running. So, since the mention of the service is temporarily closed, the future of cooperation is still under discussion."

industry analysts believe that, from a cost point of view, according to the current subway booth rent, the upfront cost is not a small subway since some Jingdong.

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