Jingdong announced eleven double data the amount of over 2 billion 500 million yuan trading day of t

NetEase Francisco November 15th news, Jingdong for a month promotions "Desert Storm" has recently announced its official ending, eleven, double period of three days (10 ~12 days) sales of 2 billion 500 million yuan, three days a total of more than 4 million 500 thousand single orders.

it is understood that in November 11th ushered in Desert Storm peak sales in 70%, Jingdong to improve the daily distribution capacity of 12 to 14 days, the efficient handling of the "double eleven" a large number of orders, and return to normal distribution in November 15th.

In a double

other promotional business had also announced record, Taobao (including Tmall) on the same day sales of 19 billion 100 million yuan; dangdang.com sales of more than 100 million yuan; BELLE’s excellent shopping network to achieve sales of 97 million 230 thousand yuan, the number of orders 250 thousand; to achieve sales of 60 million yuan wine B2C brewmaster network. (Hao Yu)

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