Spray Tmall logo no better than to see the development of Tmall

yesterday afternoon, after 2 months of change, Tmall finally settled announced a new brand identity and image. I looked at the list of Baidu search index search, and did not imagine the hot, but a bit unusual deserted. Perhaps this is just to make the Internet grassroots the webmaster some curious, but more concerned about is the development trend of Tmall, Tmall in the domain name, generally considered independent spin independent operation, renamed, will eventually establish their own independent brand.

as everyone knows, in January 11th this year, Taobao mall was renamed Tmall, it has attracted much attention, the domain name tianmao.com to once noisy price, finally rumors have been cheap acquisition of these is a product of the rise, there is speculation, also want to follow the trend of sharing a piece of business. Speaking from Tmall’s official website said it is fashion, fashion, quality, sexy pronoun and incarnation. At the same time, Tmall to the global collection of logo and image design.

Whether it is

or artistic genius, everyone has an image of Tmall, are actively involved in, to witness this moment, more than 2 months time, Tmall received a total of more than 1.2 pieces from friends and professional team of creative design. The design of many of them are spoof, funny. After the final selection, this is only the first letter of the T incarnation of the Tmall.com design was selected.

Guan Peng the Internet are well-known saying: Tmall dial 600 thousand to the Department for LOGO design, the Department with 200 thousand for advertising companies, advertising companies with 100 thousand outsourcing to an advertising studio, advertising studio with 10 thousand looking for a designer, designers spend 2 thousand to find the Art Department of a university teacher, the teacher said to the students this is your homework must be handed in. There are one hundred students out of the ocean to offer a reward, someone took the hundred dollar bills found in the cat. That’s how Tmall came.


network: Sina Technology Tiancheng news March 29th afternoon news, Tmall announced a new mall renamed Logo. Alibaba group chief marketing officer CMO Wang Shuai that new Logo looks like Ma Yun. Unexpectedly, Wang Shuai a prophecy, many netizens on micro-blog subsequently posted many Tmall Logo images. For a time, "Tengu" "Qi B skirt" spoof version of Tmall Logo have emerged to become Tmall mall open a spoof tide hit.

channels integrated internet marketing website: yesterday, the relevant responsible person said Tmall PR, the new Logo design inspiration actually comes from the RMB on the bow cat, "cat worship in the online fire, many users are very love, so we chose to worship the cat image creation LOGO!" black and white. Meaning "black cat, black cat, can the good service to consumers, is a good cat."

Wang Liyang, one of the founders of

real name network marketing: Tmall enabled new LOGO. Tmall Logo behind the quality, service, logistics standards, and ultimately reflects the standard of the entire shopping industry. ">

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