Taohuawu mall and the United Kingdom famous brand ABC Feeling fun to achieve strategic cooperation

Taohuawu Mall (www.taohwu.com) belonging to the Beijing Taohuawu science and Technology Development Co. Ltd. is a company specializing in Adult supplies of electricity providers to join the Chaoyang and distribution company, mainly engaged in Adult supplies and supplies.

ABC-Feeling from the UK, with senior women unlimited charging vibrator famous industry, with excellent design team, its products are waterproof and wireless charging characteristics, and give the infinite possibilities of the use of product, to modern women bring more choices and enjoyable experience.

addition, in order to meet the needs of more consumers, ABC-Feeling launched JoyNmore brand. With the high price of the end of ABC-Feeling, JoyNmore products in the low-end price is easier for consumers to accept, product design and add more fashion elements, especially JoyNmore five by young people of all ages.

Taohuawu mall and ABC-Feeling cooperation, hoping to introduce more and better products to meet the needs of more consumers, open more sales channels, so that more people benefit from joining. Since the establishment of the Taohuawu mall, it is looking at the world, learn from the advanced experience, abandon old ideas, because only in the global scope to compete and learn, in order to be able to move toward the future of the Chaoyang company.


mall has ten years of rich business experience, good market reputation, website daily visits millions, the operations team are senior professionals, entrepreneurs, franchisees can give the best business help and support to join.

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